Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Power of One: Chapter 21-22

1. Chapter 21 pg. 415-434
2. In chapter twenty-one, Peekay learns  that the Nationalists party was elected in to power, and this would change the current status quo of the country. During their Easter break, Peekay and Morrie traveled daily to Solly Goldman’s gym. One day Solly told the boys that there was a man, Mr. Nguni, who wanted Peekay to fight with one of his boxers who was “an unregistered pro.” When Peekay met Mr. Nguni he realized that he was the man who led the cheers for Peekay during all of his boxing matches, and the fight was to determine if the Tadpole Angel Peekay still existed. Before the fight with the unregistered professional Gideon Mandoma, Peekay had learned that Gideon was his Nanny’s sonThousands of the People came to watch the fight and cheered and sang loudly when Peekay won the fight because that meant that the Tadpole Angel still existed in Peekay. Gideon and Peekay then became brothers because of Nanny. During the celebration of Peekay’s victory, he got a feeling that made him very uncomfortable; he knew that Doc had died, and Peekay knew exactly where he was.
3.  a. Gideon Mandoma
b. “They say you are a chief but must prove you have the spirit of Onoshobishobi Ingelosi. I know I am a chief and have the spirit of Cetshwayo and before that of Mpande, Dingaan, and even of Shaka the king of all kings.”
c. Gideon is:
d. Gideon was a boxer who Peekay fought in order to find out if he was still the Tadpole Angel. Gideon was known to become a chief, so the People thought it would be a good idea for Gideon and Peekay to fight to see who really had a spirit with them. Eventually, Gideon Mandoma became Peekay’s brother. Before their fight, Peekay found out that Gideon was the son of his nanny. Peekay felt guilty for being the one to take Gideon’s mother away from him when he was a child. The fight with Gideon was the first in which Peekay was scared. Gideon had a greater reason to beat Peekay than Peekay did to win. After the fight they both had great respect for one another and became brothers because they “have taken milk from the same mother’s breasts.” In chapter twenty-two, Gideon and Peekay become good friends and Gideon helps Peekay and Morrie to start a school for Africans. 
4. “The power of one is above all things the power to believe in yourself, often well beyond any latent ability you may have previously demonstrated.” What made it stand out was the fact that Peekay finally figured out the power of one. He said this because he was not sure what would happen in the fight with Gideon Mandoma. Peekay needed faith in himself to know that he had the ability to win, and he should not be doubtful. Even though Peekay won many fights before this, he could not use the certainty to know he would win the one he was about to fight. Peekay constantly reminds himself of what the power of one is and comes up with different meanings. These help him get through whatever challenges he is about to face, and they usually help Peekay succeed. 

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