Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bedroom Opening

The air is cold. With the loss of feeling, life, and love, there is no warmth in the air. There is no one. Lavender walls and green and tan cabinets give the room an earthy feeling. The rectangular, flower-designed bed sits in the middle of the south wall and takes up most of the area of the confined space. This bed contains four pillows and two blankets, which are the only source of warmth throughout the room. At the foot of the bed is a small cabinet for irrelevant objects, such as blankets and pillows for guests.  Parallel to the foot of the bed is a closet that is hidden by bleached white sliding doors. Adjacent to the bed is a night stand that holds many personal possessions. Atop the night stand is a purple-tinted, translucent lamp, an alarm clock, and a box of cereal. On the other side of the bed are two dressers, one is thin and tall while the other is short and twice as wide as the other. Pictures of only the closest family members are framed and placed on the tall dresser.  The wider dresser holds a mirror at the top. The mirror is bordered by a wood frame carved with a constant pattern. Along the border of the mirror are pictures depicting memories with good friends and loving family.  An abandoned television sits on the corner of the dresser, and next to it is a desk made perfectly for a computer. It even has a compartment that can pull out for the keyboard, but there is no computer. In the gap of the desk is a black, rolling chair just waiting to be sat on. The whole set of furniture in the room is an olive green shade with borders and knobs that are some kind of a light brown color; they resemble a caramel-covered green apple. Above the computer desk is a lonely window. This window is the only source of light for the lone room, and can only be fed in the early hours of the morning. The only thing on the west wall is a door, located towards the corner of the room, leading to a bathroom. The following necessary items are located in the bathroom: a sink, two mirrors, a toilet, and a shower. There is not much that goes on in this bedroom, and it barely has any visitors during the day. It is now half passed midnight and the room receives its first visitor. They lay in bed, think about the day’s events, pray to and thank God for the past day and many more to come, then quietly fall asleep. 

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